Case Studies

Wesfarmers Resources

And importantly for us, Nextgen was able to provide a complete end-to-end solution.

Andrew Anneveldt Senior ICT Administrator - Wesfarmers Resources


Seccom Global

The key reason that we partner with Nextgen Group is the quality of their products. To be competitive and offer the solutions that we do, we must have high quality and extremely reliable connectivity.

Michael Demery, Director, Seccom Global


Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance (AWD)

“There is excellent business and technical flexibility in the VPLS service. Nextgen Group was able to demonstrate data services that provided much lower latency in the network between our main offices and lower cost for high speed connections.”

Duncan Holt, Head of IT, AWD


BAE Systems

“The beauty of this service from Nextgen Group is that we can put our own service management processes in place to ensure we meet our predetermined service level and security objectives.”

Mathew Greig
IS Procurement Manager, BAE Systems


Fox Sports / Premier Media Group (PMG)

“At the end of the day, it is a highly flexible and scalable network that has enabled us to set new benchmarks for operational efficiency and production quality which equates to a better end viewer experience for Australia’s premium sports.”

Tony Scanlan, Chief Technology Officer, PMG




"Hostworks is very proud to be able to add Nextgen Group to its portfolio of strategic carriage providers. Nextgen Group’s 100 Gbit/s capable technology and extensive national fibre infrastructure supplements the reach offered to Hostworks by its existing carriage partners and strengthens the value proposition we are able to introduce to customers via our cutting edge content delivery network."

– Adrian Britton, General Manager, Technology, Strategy and Innovation for Hostworks.




“Our data is now centralised  and we have complete control of it which is going to save us significant  money in the future. That will be borne out even further as the business  continues to grow.”

Luciano  Gallina, IT Support  Administrator, RSEA


Norton Rose

“Nextgen's VPLS service had enabled us to centralise our infrastructure and in doing so we have reduced our server infrastructure by around 50 percent, while having no negative impact on the business.”

Andrew Pritchett, Infrastructure Manager, Information Technology, Norton Rose


Benson Radiology

“Anecdotal evidence would suggest that we have been able to improve operational efficiency by somewhere between 20 and 30 per cent…”

Mr Keith Kranz, IT Project Manager, Benson Radiology.



“Nextgen’s VPLS solution allows us to easily and securely connect our customers to the core network. We benefit greatly from easy scalability of bandwidth requirements and rapid deployment of changes, upgrades or new technologies as well as improved disaster recovery capability, continuity of service and mitigation of risks against technology failure.”

Martin Coleman, Internal IT Manager, ASG

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